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    Could the VR headset be the next Peloton? – TechCrunch

    Funding for virtual reality startups has grown more sparse over the past couple years, as investors have grappled with extended timelines for mainstream adoption. Meanwhile, connected fitness has exploded, gaining attention amid shelter-in-place...

    Direct Line Group acquires London-based insurance app Brolly – TechCrunch

    Brolly, the U.K. digital insurance app, has been acquired by incumbent Direct Line Group. The terms of the acquisition aren’t being disclosed, while the transaction is expected to formally close during the third...

    Rapid Huawei rip-out could cause outages and security risks, warns UK telco – TechCrunch

    The chief executive of UK incumbent telco BT has warned any government move to require a rapid rip-out of Huawei kit from existing mobile infrastructure could cause network outages for mobile users...

    Tesla’s Megapack powers its small, but growing energy storage business – TechCrunch

    Tesla’s energy storage business picked up steam in the second quarter and even played a minor role in the company’s fourth consecutive quarter of profitability, according to earnings reported Wednesday. Commercial and residential...

    Generative algorithms are redefining the intersection of software and music – TechCrunch

    What if you could mix and match different tracks from your favorite artists, or create new ones on your own with their voices? This could become a reality sooner than later, as AI models...

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