Royal Q is a AI crypto trading robot originating in Asia since 2017. Royal Q trades on your behalf in your Binance or Huobi account through API settings. 

ROYAL Q is a high-tech trading robot application that has the speed to trade cryptocurrencies in the largest market namely binance and global huobi, which is the reason why this is one of the best crypto trading robots I have ever used because this robot plays in the SPOT market instead of future markets such as forex that has margin call risk or lost capital.

How to Use Royal Q Trading Robot ?

  1. Subscribe to $100 robot for 1 year.
  2. Can be used for unlimited trading without the addition of bot rental fees.
  3. Get trading access to the 50 best crypto types.
  4. Can trade on two direct exchanges simultaneously.
  5. Full support if there are technical and non-technical constraints.

Royal Q Trading Robot Trading Features

  • Cycle

This feature is perfect when there is a market up trend, because by activating the robot feature 24 hours non-stop to make profit many times in one day.

  • One-shot

There is also a One-shot feature where if this feature is activated then when the profit target is reached, the robot will stop working and do not open the purchase position again. This feature is perfect on the market side way.

  • Replenishment

This button is functioned to intervene coin purchases beyond what the robot does, this is done to reduce the minus floating when it occurs.

  • Take Profit Ratio

You decide your own profit in trading. The robot will work with a target of at least 1% but you can change it more than 1% as you wish.


Royal Q also issued a very interesting affiliate program, and currently you can take advantage of cryptocurrency trading transactions in the market, there is no system load from the affiliate program issued by Royal Q, you can make thousands of dollars every day by running the affiliate program, is this what you are looking for? contact the person who provided this information immediately.

Advantages of Royal Q Trading Robot Application

  1. The robot can trade 24 hours 7 days without stopping and not an ROI system that provides passive profit to members.
  2. 100% of the funds are held by users in binance and huobi global accounts in the form of usdt.
  3. There is almost no risk by using this robot because this bot only works in the world’s largest market number 1 and number 2 with a high volume of trade.

Royal Q Trading Robot Mechanism & System

  1. Royal Q bot trades crypto trading with spot trading system, not arbitration nor futures.
  2. Robots can perform averaging techniques automatically when there is a decrease in price, so that floating can be maintained properly.
  3. With complete features and tols so that the working logic of this bot can maximize your trading results.
  4. With one bot, you can use them simultaneously to the world’s two major exchangers, Binance and Huobi.

After reading what is the mechanism, system and features above and want to try to use the royal q trading application, do register in 2 accounts, for me personally I use binance account as a wallet because it is familiar, and also must register an account in royal q. Below will be explained how to register a royal q account as well as a binance account.

How to Register for Royal Q ?

First you can enter the link HERE and make sure to enter the INVITATION CODE : 4ZQCR 

If you don’t have Binance account, you can create by clicking here.


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